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Oliver – Two Year Update



How did we get here? I swear just the other day my boy was just learning to walk. Instead of dwelling on what was though, I choose to celebrate what is. And this little guy of mine is pretty awesome and amazing.

I found a birthday survey online and I thought it would be fun to fill it out with him each year as he grows. I pretty much filled it out for him this year, but I think in years to come he’ll have fun answering these questions!


Age: 2

Favorite color: I’m guessing he’d say red, he seems to really like red things.

Best Friend: I’m pretty sure he’d say “Grandpa” though he loves us all pretty hardcore.

Favorite Treat: Annie’s Bunny Crackers

Favorite Song: The other day the song Shut Up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon came on in the car and Ollie said “I like this song.” He also can’t get enough Christmas music right now, especially Rudolph.

Favorite TV show: Paw Patrol and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Favorite thing to do with the family: Go disc golfing.

Favorite book: He’s still on a kick with “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” and all the other books in that series.

Favorite Breakfast food: He loves donuts. LOVES them They’re a special treat from Grandpa on Fridays, but he’ll ask for them all week long. He’s also a big fan of the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from Caribou Coffee.

Favorite Toy: He loves a lot of different toys, so it’s hard to say his favorite. He gravitates towards his cars the most though.

Favorite thing for lunch: Tator tots.

Favorite thing for dinner: Pasta or pizza

Favorite thing to do outside: Go to the park when it’s nice out, play with bubbles.

Favorite place to visit: Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store – good thing we’re having his birthday party there!

Favorite thing to sleep with: Blankie, sometimes his stuffed Daniel Tiger and this pig we have that he calls Pinky Piggy. Occasionally a stuffed monkey or giraffe makes it way to bed too. But mostly it’s all about blankie. He’s his mama’s boy that way.


Ollie simply radiates joy. His smile makes me melt. He has had some increasing moments of toddler tantrums here and there, but we work through them as calmly as we can. He is a sponge, he just soaks up everything around him and he is just so damn smart. He is afraid of very little, pretty much just the vacuum cleaner and that’s it. He loves books and will ask you to read to him multiple times a day which I just love. He’d choose to be outside all day long if he could, not much has changed there. He has become a bit of a pickier eater than he used to be, but we take it one day at a time. He has started to enjoy making art, especially painting. He loves his kitties and can’t wait to get home and give them treats each day. He likes to sing songs, especially his alphabet. He makes my heart soar when he asks to “snuggle on couch.” He is fiercely independent, but overall the biggest sweetheart. Our lives are so full and rich because of him.


My sweet Ollie-Boy – my wish for you on your birthday is to never lose your sense of wonder, never stop learning about the world around you and never stop being yourself. I hope you know just how very loved you are. You’ve turned my life upside down and inside out in the very best way possible and made me a better, stronger person. You are my light. Hugs and kisses and an extra special uggamugga to you on your special day. Love, Mama.


Photo credits to Erin Foster of Due Midwest Photography – family session on 11/1/2015

10 thoughts on “Oliver – Two Year Update

  1. Oh Ollie!! How can you be two already?? Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day with mom and dad! Beth – this was such a sweet post and brought tears to my eyes when I read your special note to him. Ollie is so lucky to have you as his mama!

  2. Happy Birthday Ollie! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with him Beth! Plus I hope he gets many of his favorites today 🙂

    P.S. – Erin did a FABULOUS job on these photos!

  3. Awwww!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLLIE!!! He is such a cutie and these photos are adorable! He and Reilly would be such good friends, I swear, they could just eat donuts and run around all day long. I hope you all enjoy this special day!

  4. These pictures are adorable!! Ollie is precious and I love the one of all three of you. Happy birthday little Ollie! I loved reading this, and the yearly birthday survey is such a great idea! I may have to start doing that.

  5. Those photos are amazing! Love the face in the last one… Ollie loves his mommy and daddy for sure!

    I can still remember when he was born, and I was across a whole border, so I can only imagine how you must feel.

    I hope you enjoyed your day with your sweet boy and that his party blows his mind!

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