Birthday Thoughts

Hey, hey it’s my birthday! It’s so hard to believe another year has flown by. Without really doing a crazy wrap up of my 33rd year on this Earth (rather save a recap for an end of 2015 post) I can honestly say, it’s been a wild and crazy ride this past year. So many things took place that I wasn’t even expecting, most of which was extremely good. There were a few rocky moments and bumps here and there, but overall 33 was good to me.

I will fully admit due to pregnancy and then still being somewhat bogged down as a new mom last year, I have kind of been the birthday Scrooge the last couple of years. This year I said, to heck with that, I have so many things to celebrate and be thankful for, I’m doing this birthday up right. I already mentioned my insanely awesome “In Between Birthday weekend” with Jen. Nate and I also continued our tradition of celebrating together (since his birthday is the day after mine and all) and taking an entire afternoon and evening for ourselves, seeing the final Hunger Games movie and having dinner out. Then I treated myself for the first time in years to a girls only celebration with my closest lady friends at a nice brunch out over the weekend. Tonight we’ll celebrate with our immediate family. And then it’s all over for another year and I’m sad to see it end in a way – but I’m also just too content and happy to really dwell!

Last year on my birthday I said that the greatest gift I gave myself was self-acceptance. This year I think it was allowing myself to be open and say “yes” more. I had found myself kind of closed off to the world a bit after being burned by some things and it started to feel so safe to just hibernate in my own little bubble. Maybe due to my “let it go” and “embrace” challenges for 2015 though I found myself getting up and out again and when I look at the experiences I had this year, the triumphs I was able to celebrate and the people that I allowed in my life, it’s like I gave myself a new gift. Last year I accepted the person I’ve become, this year, I allowed her to live.

So, here we go. I’m 34 and at the risk of sounding like a rhyming dork, ready for more. Bring it.


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  1. Happy birthday! You share a birthday with my father in law, so you would think I’d remember that. We aren’t celebrating with him tonight (being as he lives 2 hours away), but with two birthdays today, maybe I convince Scott to go get us some cake! You’re right to have taken advantage and celebrate. You deserve all the joy!

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