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A Fresh Start

Well lookie here – you go away for the weekend and you come back and I have an entire new blog look!  I know, you’re all probably going, wait a minute Beth, you JUST launched a new blog and look in August – what are you doing to us? Unfollow!

Here’s the truth.  I rushed that updated blog.  I was so excited about my brand name and change that I just wanted to get it out there ASAP.  And while Nate is really good at technical stuff and I’m good at things planning and logistics – neither of us are web designers. Even after I launched in August I kept wanting something different, something more.  I let it go at that time, but it kind of came to the forefront again this last week after attending MN Blog Con and the Snap Blogging Workshop.  I had planned on contacting a friend of mine who does web design to see what he could come up with for me – but then an opportunity fell into my lap.

I met Amanda from the blog Semi Health Nut back in March at the MN Bloggers Favorite things party.  She has since moved away from Minnesota, but I’ve continued following her and she announced this week she has launched her own business to help bloggers like me who need help with design, branding and installation called Amanda Loves Blogging.  I immediately contacted her and over the last several days she has helped me more than I can say.  All of what you see here is thanks to her and her magic. She seriously loves blogging and loves nothing more than helping other bloggers.

It’s a super smooth process working with her, she has a simple form to fill out with some drop down options but also some boxes where you can type more information about what you’re looking for and for you to also tell her about yourself and your blog.  After she received that information from me, we had several email conversations about what I wanted my header to look like and what style options were available. She sent me some ideas, I gave her feedback and we found the perfect header.  She helped me with a few other details – we have set up a newsletter feature – you can subscribe to my blog now!  I promise I won’t be obnoxious with my emails, but I’d love for you to sign up!  She also helped me get some archives set up so when you click the headers at the top of the page, you’ll see posts instead of “under construction!”

Amanda is awesome and you can just feel her enthusiasm for what she does when you talk with her.  I honestly can’t thank her enough for the hard work she did for me!  If you’re looking for a fresh new look for your blog, connect with Amanda, you won’t be sorry! Be sure to check out her site over here!

I promise this will be the last major change you’ll see here for the time to come!  I have some updated headshots coming soon but that’ll just be a picture change on the sidebar.  I should have really done this right from the start, but we live and learn! 🙂

9 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. It looks great! And finding someone who’s awesome at what they do is half the battle. I’m still so grateful to Sara (SocialSara612) for getting me in touch with her rock star husband for my graphics. Doesn’t it feel so wonderful? We like blogging anyway, but it seems just that much better when things are shiny and new. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the new look Beth! It’s nice and clean but still really bright and fun, which I think reflects your personality. I really need to get on this as well–I wish I had the skills to do it myself but it’s way too much for me! I’ll have to check out Amanda’s site–she may be a lot more affordable than what I was looking into (and sadly cannot afford right now).

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