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#TBT – Introductions

Today I thought I’d share from the Journal I talked about last week that I had to keep for my English class for a few months in 8th grade and the very first entry is an introduction, so that’s what you’re getting today!  This pretty much follows right after the latest entries I shared from my other journal.

March 24th, 1996

Well this is the start of journal (or diary) number 3. Some people wonder how I keep even two diaries at once. I’m not even sure. Oh well.  I’ve had such a busy schedule since we came home from Florida. Whoa. I better back up and introduce myself. My full name is Beth Ann Gilles. I was born on November 25, 1981. I’m an only child. I have a cat named Cleo. Ok there. I always start my journals this way. Back to my busy schedule this week. I have religion class tomorrow (I teach 3rd graders with my mom). On Tuesday I have play auditions and a Choral Music Singers rehearsal. Wednesday I believe I have nothing. Thursday morning is an officer’s meeting for the Student Council which I’m secretary of. Friday Night is Activities Night at school. Whew! That’s enough for one week! And now that my two best friends are home from their vacations I’ll probably be on the phone with them a lot. Well, that’s enough for today! Bye! <3 Beth


We were encouraged to write every day in this journal.  I remember it was a unit we did while reading a play of the Diary of Anne Frank.  Every so often we’d hand the journal in to our teacher and she would read and even respond with some comments.  I’ll keep sharing from this one for a bit, it’s kind of cute and a little less angsty, I’m guessing because I knew my teacher would be reading! And can I just say, reading a week’s worth of my schedule at age 14 makes my head spin – though my days now aren’t all that different! As you can see I was a bit of an overachiever!

Make sure to check out Laura of One Girl, Two Cities for her TBT post today!  Also, I’ll be taking the next two Thursdays off from TBT due to Thanksgiving next week and a very special little boy’s birthday the following week.  I will instead be posting jounal posts on “Flashback Friday” those weeks, so watch for that!


3 thoughts on “#TBT – Introductions

  1. I love how you say that you start off each diary like that – a rundown of your info – name, DOB, etc…

    I actually pulled my journal/diary out and started reading last night. Man oh man – it’s funny.

  2. Hurray for overachievers! I do love that we started our journals the same way – always so concerned about our readers. 🙂 Looking forward to the Flashback Friday posts!! 😉

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