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These Are the Days

“These are the days you’ll remember”

I have always liked the song “These Are the Days” by Natalie Merchant, but mostly because it was kind of upbeat and catchy. I never really gave much thought to the lyrics and their meaning. But lately, I hear it playing in my head kind of a lot.

I don’t borrow trouble; I try to focus on the moment I’m in as much as possible. These are seriously the days right now though. Ollie is definitely a toddler and has his many toddler moments, tantrums and all, but overall, he’s just the sweetest, smartest kid and I am so thankful for him each and every day.

“Never before and never since, I promise will the whole world be as warm as this.”

The other night, he was playing with these new alphabet magnets we got for him and we were both sitting on the kitchen floor. One of my current favorite songs (that also strikes a nostalgic feel in a way) “Empire” by Of Monsters and Men was on the radio and I just felt this extreme wave of contentment. I didn’t care that the floor was dirty, I just loved sitting there, and listening to music and watching my kiddo play with letters and getting so excited about it. The cats would pass by every now and then and Nate would comment on something that Ollie said or something from the article he was reading. It was cold and rainy and awful outside, but our little home just felt so warm, cozy and complete.

“These are the days that you might fill with laughter until you break.”

We laugh a lot at our house these days. Ollie says the funniest things and you just can’t help but laugh, even if he’s doing something naughty. In fact, when he knows he’s doing something naughty he’ll even say “naughty” and the way he says it, well, you want to laugh. During a thunderstorm there was some pretty loud thunder and instead of being scared, he said “UPS truck is loud!” He parrots a lot of what we say too (which means we have to watch ourselves more than ever). He is also starting to sing songs and it’s just too cute. He likes to make up his own lyrics, such as “Old McDonald had a mama.” I’m sure he did bud, I’m sure he did.

“These days you might feel a shaft of light make its way across your face and when you do you’ll know how it was meant to be, see the signs and know their meaning.”

It’s just funny, I often talk about how I had to be dragged into parenthood kicking and screaming a little bit, but once he was here, it just all made sense. This is what I was meant to do. And lately I sit back and I look at all these little moments and think back to when Nate and I were younger and dating and I used to dream of these days. And now that they’re here, I’m just so thankful and blessed. I don’t take any of it for granted. I just appreciate each day.

These are the days.


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  1. That picture… he is just adorable, love it!! And yes, I feel the same way most days. I love the little personality that Jona is developing too, and hearing the funny little things he says. The meltdowns have been happening more and more frequently these days, sigh, but overall I feel that way too. These boys of ours are pretty great, right? 🙂

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