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Barre Class

Over the weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new. The Twin Cities Blogger Collective and Haute Barre in St. Louis Park offered a Blogger Barre Class for free. I’ve wanted to try barre for a while now and this was the kick in the butt to get me there.


I was supposed to go with Jen, but then her daughter had to go and get sick, I mean really? She should be grounded, it was her mom’s birthday week for gosh sakes (I am of course kidding). So anyway, she wasn’t able to go with me and when I arrived, I didn’t see a single familiar face, even though I’ve been to dozens of local blog events at this point so I was a little bit nervous. Thankfully, Katie from Katie Looking Forward whom I’ve met several times now arrived and took the mat next to me so I didn’t feel so alone!


Our instructor for class, Lindsey, got things rolling and had us go around and introduce ourselves and our blogs and then we wasted no time getting into the class. Barre is a series of core muscle work and stretching and strength training. It’s honestly the type of workout I should be doing more often; I need to work on my core muscles! Some of the poses and moves were pretty hard and intense, but we had high energy music playing and at any point if we felt we could do something we were told it was ok to step back.

Overall the hour long class went by pretty quickly even if there were moments in particular poses that felt like they’d never end! I liked the pacing and energy of the class and I definitely felt it afterward! It was kind of a good soreness though.


After class they held a social hour for us and had treats and wine and they gave us each a goodie bag to take home. They also held a drawing for free classes, but sadly I didn’t win. They are offering a discount to those of us who participated though, so I might think about going back and giving it another try. Nate told me there’s a place near his work that also does barre that I might look into since it is a little closer to home! Overall I’m glad I went, it was fun to meet some new bloggers I hadn’t met before and it was great to step out of my comfort zone and try something new!

Have you ever tried barre?

6 thoughts on “Barre Class

  1. One of these opened in my hometown and I was curious so I looked in the window. It appeals to me but I’m afraid of being unwelcome due to my (public) gender. Glad you got a taste of it.

  2. I wanted to take the class when it was offered by the “mommy and me” franchise but babies had to be premobile and that was only a hot second with Miss On-The-Go. It’s apparently the new Zumba so I’m sure I’ll get another chance soon.

  3. That sounds like a fun blogger event, what a good idea! I’ve gone to a couple of barre classes before and I really liked them. I was definitely sore afterwards, but you’re right, it was a “good sore.”

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