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Minsgame Monday

We’re over a week into the Minsgame.  So far I’ve done pretty well.  I am pretty good at going through my closet from time to time and getting rid of things there, so that hasn’t been all that new for me.  But what’s been different about doing this for me is that it’s really making take a hard look at everything in my house and seriously making the time to go through things.

So far I’ve given two books to my mom, I’ve pulled three purses (and three pouches) out of storage that I know I’m not going to use anymore and am donating those.  I’ve also pulled five t-shirts out of my drawer that I no longer wear (and hey, the drawer closes now).  I’m far from done on clothing, but that’s a good start!

What is almost embarrassing to me so far is the amount of stuff I’ve simply thrown away since this began.  It’s so wasteful and I seriously hope it makes me really think about purchases in the future. I cleaned out a cupboard on day two intending to maybe throw one or two items away.  I threw out 15 boxes (opened sadly, so I could not donate) of food we’re not eating.  There were some oatmeal flavors I tried but didn’t like.  Teething crackers we bought Ollie that he didn’t like. So wasteful.

I also cleaned out my makeup drawer and threw out about 15 items there as well – that part feels a little less wasteful, much of what I threw was eyeshadows that I was scraping the bottom on, they were pretty much done.  A couple of other things tend to bother my allergies, so they had to go as well.  But still. 15 pieces!  I seriously thought it would be one or two.  But hey, my drawer is much more organized now.

It’s eye opening when you truly begin to look at each area of your home and the stuff that accumulates.  I’m planning to attack the basement more this week – oof that is going to be scary. I have Wednesday off thanks to Veterans Day and I think when Ollie’s napping, it’s go time on a lot of that stuff!

So there we go.  Overall it’s going well and we’ll see where this next week goes! I’m hoping to get a bit ahead since this coming weekend will be kind of busy and also the end of the month with birthdays and Thanksgiving, so I may have days I miss later.  Getting ahead now will be good! I’ll report back next Monday and let you know again how it’s going!

5 thoughts on “Minsgame Monday

  1. It’s so fun having you in the group! I’ve also been amazed at how much stuff I’ve thrown away. I feel like I’m generally pretty good at tossing stuff, but wow. Like you said it’s quite eye opening. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings! 🙂

  2. Oh you so nailed it on the head when you wrote about how wasteful you feel. I’m so excited about the amount I get to donate, but yeah, the amount we have thrown out…it’s enough to make me feel pretty guilty. Very eye-opening! I’m so happy you are doing this with us! 🙂

  3. It sounds like this challenge is going so well–I’m impressed with how much stuff you’ve been able to get rid of. I really need to do some cleaning/clearing out too. I know we could be better about wasting less food, that’s something I’m guilty of too.

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