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I’m an artist! (Sort of…)

I had an opportunity to do something fun and a little unique last weekend.  The lovely Jen of Wonderfully Unkempt (or you can find her on social media @JenLovesMN) had a birthday party at a place where you do kind of step by step painting and you can drink wine or beer. I have wanted to do one of these things for a long time now so it was so fun to finally have the opportunity.

Jen (with input from all of us guests) chose a Cherry and the Spoon (famous Mpls sculpture if you’re not from here) painting for us. When you arrive, the canvas is already set and the paint is all poured for you.  The only thing on the canvas was an outline of the spoon and cherry, none of the background was there.  If you look at what the finished result is supposed to be, it’s a little intimidating at first.


We had a wonderful artist guide who walked us through everything.  She explained each of the brushes and some techniques we would be using.  Then she pretty much did each step with us and also played slides up on a big screen so we could follow along there as well.


After getting everything outlined, we started on things like the sky, the water and the path.  Then came the part I think everyone was most nervous about – painting in our buildings for the skyline. In the end, that part wasn’t as daunting as it could be, especially when our Artist guide said one technique could be to go more abstract and make the buildings look like they were dancing (that’s what I chose to do!)


Pretty soon it was down to little details like shadows and adding any extra highlights we wanted to help kind of give the painting some definition and then when we felt like it was good, we were done! It was neat seeing everyone’s different interpretations – they definitely caution you from comparing yourself to your neighbors too much though! If you start second guessing it’s so easy to go too far.


They had beer, wine and pop for purchase and you could get a free bagged snack with each drink.  It was fun to sip on wine while painting! They really make it fun and relaxed. There were tons of other paintings that looked fun that I’d love to go back and do sometime too!  I’m pretty pleased with the finished result of mine!

cp5 cp6

Thanks again to the lovely Jen for the invitation. And speaking of my girl Jen – as of this post going live she’s been at the ER all night with her sweet three year old daughter, they can’t seem to figure out why she’s been sick for a week, if you’re so inclined, send some prayers and good vibes her way. I’m sure she’d appreciate it!


3 thoughts on “I’m an artist! (Sort of…)

  1. What fun!!! Love how your painting turned out! I will for sure say some prayers for Jen and her daughter. Hope they can figure it all out.

  2. I love how your painting turned out Beth! That sounds like a fun get-together too. I’ve been to a similar thing before, and it was really fun (plus yay for coming home with some new art!).

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