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Well let me tell you – November is shaping up to be busy and awesome.  Here is my Currently post for Anne and Jenna’s monthly link up!

~~Currently I Am~~

Cooking – I talk about this a lot; I don’t do much of the cooking at our house! I’m very spoiled by a husband who truly enjoys cooking, so we let him do most of it.  So instead of telling you what I’ve been cooking, I’ll instead tell you what he’s been cooking lately. He made a shepherd’s pie out of a bunch of CSA potatoes we had and it was delicious.  He also made one of my favorite Italian recipes the other night for date night – Pasta Al La Norccina.  It’s a super yummy dish that he duplicated from a dish we enjoy from a restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis.  It’s rich and delicious. So good.


Planning – A certain little boy will be turning two at the beginning of December, so I am stepping up my planning on his birthday party.  I’m also starting to plan for the holidays, I have ideas this year about gifts – I want to really focus on local, unique items and also experiences.  As I’m going through the Minsgame challenge I’m feeling this pull to gift people things that they can do and see and make memories with than just physical stuff.  Or I want to find unique, special items that will mean something.  It’s kind of my challenge anyway!

Smelling – The Fall scents are my favorite! I have a Leaves scented candle from Bath and Body Works that I love so much, it’s kind of spicy smelling and lovely. I also think you can’t go wrong with any apple cinnamon smells at this time of year!

Appreciating – Where do I begin?  I am a pretty lucky lady – I appreciate having the husband mentioned above that cooks all our meals.  I appreciate having a mom who’s willing to hang out with my crazy little toddler each day saving us more than I can count on child care costs. I appreciate the folks at my new job and their patience as I learn things. I appreciate my friends – I have leaned on them a lot this last year with the job changes and other things and so many of them have supported me in ways they may not even know, so I appreciate them all more than I can say!

Anticipating – This time of year is all ABOUT anticipation!  I’m anticipating birthday celebrations.  I’m anticipating a boatload of MN blogger events this month – MN Blogger Conference, Twin Cities Blogger Collective Barre Class, and a Blogger Writing Workshop. There are some fun events like birthday brunches, a Fins and Flights event at the SeaLife Aquarium, going to see the Suburbia exhibit at the History Center AND running a 5k on Thanksgiving coming up too.  Holy full calendar Batman!  I might actually be anticipating the end of the Hunger Games movie series the most though – even though I know how it will end thanks to the books!


So there we are – what are you currently up to? Don’t forget to check out Anne and Jenna’s blogs for other Currently posts as well!

9 thoughts on “Currently in November

  1. Lucky you with the hubby cooking! Mine grilled the other day, at least 🙂 That pasta looks really good. And have fun with the 2nd birthday!

  2. Whoa you do sound busy– that’s a lot of events this month!! But good busy, it sounds like they will be a lot of fun. And aww, it’s so crazy how fast those birthdays come for our little guys. 2! So exciting 🙂

  3. Wow you have a busy month planned! I wish my husband was around more to cook. He cooks on the weekend though and that’s why I’ve dubbed him the “Weekend Chef.” It’s so nice that your mom is able to help with childcare! I don’t want to think about how much money we’ve spent on childcare over the years! Good luck with your new job!

  4. I’m a big person on giving experiences exactly for the reasons you mentioned above. Plus, I find I personally remember gifts a lot better when they’re not just countless things to add to my already massive amount – even if I love it. AHHH Hunger Games!!! I am not ready. Bring on my kleenex and oh man.

  5. I can’t wait to see you Saturday at Barre and again at Blog Con! I’m cooking a lot now that I finally live alone, but am quickly running out of recipes. So there will be plenty more experimenting in the kitchen for me this month!

  6. Hunger Games!! It snuck up on me! It’s right around the corner! So excited for the blogger conference! Are you doing the Turkey Day race? I did it last year when it was like -2 degrees! But my sister will be in town this year so I’m getting out of it. 😉

  7. The pasta looks really yummy! What all is in it? Italian is my second favorite type of food (Mexican being my ultimate fav), but I love finding new good pasta recipes. Do share! 😉

    Thanks for linking up!

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