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Halloween Recap

Well it’s already November 2nd, but I thought I’d share a recap of our Halloween because it was pretty darn good all around.  It’s so funny, I used to consider myself kind of the “Halloween Scrooge” but I really ended up getting into it and enjoying it this year – might be something about enjoying it through the eyes of a child, who knows.

Friday my work had a little potluck and Halloween party, so I dressed up for the day as a Unicorn.  I had found this super cute headband in the dollar spot at Target and figured, when else will I ever get to be a Unicorn?

Friday night we went and visited Nate’s grandma at her senior living facility as they were having a party for the residents and handing out candy and such.  Nate’s sister wore a bunny costume and I thought it was kind of funny when we posed together I thought – hey, we’re like a walking Lisa Frank picture!  Nate’s mom dressed as Rosie the Riveter kind of last minute but I thought her costume turned out good too!

After we got Ollie home to bed, Nate and I dressed up to go to a party later on Friday night.  We put this together pretty last minute all things considered and it might be one of my favorite costumes to date.  Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World.  Nate was pretty committed to the part –  he even shaved his beard.  EEK.  He hasn’t shaved it in eight years!  The shock has worn off though and he’s already growing it back.

IMG_4180 IMG_4181

Saturday we got up and went to the Apple store to get my new iPhone – which is really a story in itself, but I have a shiny new phone so I’m happy! You’ll see the difference in pictures right away here! It’s amazing!  Anyway, after that we ate lunch at Burger Jones because they offered free kids meals for kids in costumes.  We did take Ollie’s little puppy costume off while he ate, didn’t want to turn our white dog red! In the afternoon we worked on pumpkins, Ollie loved painting his and thought it was pretty cool when Nate carved our other one.



Then we fed Ollie dinner and got all suited up again to take Ollie trick or treating at a few houses, pretty much his grandparents and pseudo grandparents who all live close.  He really got into it this year and definitely got plenty of goodies to take home!


By the time we made it home and got him off to bed he was pretty much zonked out.  We opted to be hermits the rest of the evening, made some Mexican food for ourselves and curled up with a movie.  This has been our new tradition on Halloween night for a while now and I kind of like it.  After the hustle and bustle it’s nice to take a little time for ourselves too!

The rest of the weekend was great too, we did our family pictures on Sunday and I went to a neat painting party that I’ll share more about in another post! There is so much coming up in November it’s crazy – I may even have to start posting daily again!  Stay tuned!

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  1. OMG Ollie is so cute! You made a cute unicorn, and I loved the Wayne’s World costumes! You guys rocked this Halloween! Congrats on the new phone!

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