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Some bloggers I follow and happen to be friends with announced a big challenge for November this week and I’m going to do my best to play along because I think it’s the kick in the behind I need.  It’s about minimalism.  I really respect people who take a minimalistic approach to life.  So much of the stuff we have is simply that – stuff.  I’m good about doing things like cleaning out my closets a couple of times a year, but there are other things I simply drag my feet on because I’m lazy. For example, if you walked into Ollie’s room right now, you’d see diaper boxes full of clothes he’s outgrown that I’ve been too lazy to either sell at a Just Between Friends sale or take to Once Upon a Child or even the Goodwill.  I’m not holding on to them for sentimental reasons or anything like that.  I’m just lazy. There are plenty of other areas in the house that are similar. So when I read about this challenge, I knew I had to give it a try.

The challenge is called the Minsgame.  Basically the idea is, each day of November, give away or get rid of the number of items that correspond with the date. So November 1st you get rid of one thing, the 2nd you get rid of two, so on and so forth and by the 30th, you should get rid of 30 things.  Sounds a bit daunting, especially when you realize that the grand total of items is 465 things! But I started thinking about it and I’m pretty sure I have at least 30 pieces of Ollie’s clothes.  I have probably 20 pieces of my own clothes.  Things like that.  I realized I can totally do this.

I will admit Nate’s a little skeptical and his one hesitation was just that he didn’t want to see me hastily get rid of something just so I hit my goal for that day. I thought that was a logical concern and I assured him my goal is simply to rid ourselves of the excess things we truly do not need.  And I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t hit a grand total of 465 things.  I’ll celebrate any success I have!  He agreed to help me with a very big area we need to address – our laundry room.  It’s just kind of where everything in our house goes to die.  He would like to build a bigger “greenhouse” area in there for next year’s tomatoes and potential other veggies, so he has some motivation to help me.  We’ll be attacking it a little at a time and I can’t wait.

In addition to the laundry room, I have categories that I think will help me and I will tackle each one a little at a time as well:

-My clothes (including socks, undergarments and pajamas too!)
-My jewelry
-Purses, shoes, scarves
-Winter clothing items
-Ollie’s clothes
-Ollie’s toys
-My books
-Ollie’s books
-Bath and body items
-Cleaning out the cupboards
-Holiday decorations
-Miscellaneous things that don’t fit a category

This feels like great timing honestly – it’s right before all of our birthdays and the Christmas season, so doing this cleanse will just really help make room for anything new that might come in.  I do have some ideas for a different approach to the holiday season this year too – instead of things, I really want to look for gift ideas that all about experiences.  I’ll have more to come on that.

So here we go!  I’ll post updates once a week in November as to how things are going.  Make sure to check out these blogs for more information as they are the leaders of the Minsgame!

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7 thoughts on “Minsgame November

  1. This is really such a great idea! I wouldn’t mind giving it a go as well. Perfect timing as you focus on what you are thankful for in your life and realizing like you said that you have a lot of “stuff”.

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to see what you move on out! And I think everyone has a drawer or a room or a whole level of a house that is used to hold all the extra stuff we don’t know what to do with. This is a great challenge to address those areas…good luck with your laundry room! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you’re joining us! I understand your husband’s concerns and I think you can be flexible with the daily goals. I know I am going to do a few days early since my sister will be visiting at the end of November. So maybe if you’re short some items one day, you might end up making up for it another day.

  4. Hi Beth! I’m lazy too! This year I’ve started to deal with the piles and outgrown cloth “area of shame” as I call it is our basement. My motto is “progress, not perfection” with all areas of life, but especially decluttering.

  5. I think this sounds like a great challenge! I knew I had a bunch of stuff I don’t need, but moving really made it clear just HOW MUCH stuff I have. Too much! Hopefully I’ll see your progress and be inspired to do a little purging myself!

  6. Yay! I think this is a great challenge! John has agreed to help me as well, and I think I’m taking much the same approach to it that you are.

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