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Visit to Pinehaven Farms

On Saturday we took Ollie out to a pumpkin patch and I think we have a new yearly tradition.  I did some research online and looked into some places – let me tell you, the choices are almost overwhelming in our area – but we finally settled on Pinehaven Farms in Wyoming, MN (about 30 minutes from our house).  We chose it because it sounded like it would have the most amount of activities for Ollie to enjoy.  We had to pay for Nate and I, but Ollie was free because he was under two.  We couldn’t have picked a better place!


In addition to a pumpkin patch, Pinehaven Farm has a huge area with farm animals for petting and feeding. The chickens and roosters were just wandering free.  There were tons of goats, sheep, cows and even llamas and a donkey.  Ollie made a beeline for the animals as soon as we got there and we spent a good amount of time hanging out with them.


There’s also a very large playground with slides, swings, sandboxes and things to climb on. They have trikes and tractor toys for riding.  For bigger kids there’s a huge inflatable bouncy pillow.  They also have a corn maze, apple shooting and concession stands along with tons of seating and picnic areas.  It appears that at night they do a haunted hayride as well.


To get the pumpkins, you take a ride on a trailer towed by a tractor.  They have miles of pumpkins it appears.  We had a few minutes to find the perfect one, then the tractor took us back. The pumpkins are 41 cents a pound which didn’t seem like a bad deal.  They do have some already picked pumpkins you can choose from as well as smaller sugar pumpkins, gourds and various pumpkin and apple treats to take home as well.


We seriously had so much fun.  It was great for someone Ollie’s age, but we saw plenty of families with older kids who appeared to be having just as much fun. Ollie loved looking for a pumpkin.  The one we’re holding in the picture was completely chosen by him.  We also bought a smaller sugar pumpkin as well – we decided we’ll carve the bigger one and maybe let Ollie paint the smaller one.

Overall it was worth the drive and price of admission.  Like I said above, I think this might be a new yearly tradition for us.  If you are local to MN, you should consider checking it out!

5 thoughts on “Visit to Pinehaven Farms

  1. We went to a place like that last weekend, only the pumpkins are pre-picked and in a barn on straw bales which made for perfect pictures. We wandered the corn maze, visited the animals, and when C is older, there are hay rides and horsie rides and haunted forests as well. I know C is a little young right now, but she’s never too young to start making family traditions!

  2. That looks like a great time! Ollie is so adorable. We did the same thing over the weekend and took Jona to the pumpkin patch. It’s fun doing stuff like that anyway, but it’s amazing how much more excited I get now that I have Jona.

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