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#TBT – Journal Edition

Ho boy.  Well this is brave and a wee bit daring.  Once again being influenced by the lovely Laura of One Girl, Two Cities, I’m bringing you a bonus post on a Thursday this week featuring some old journal entries from yours truly.  Laura was going through hers as part of a program she applied for and when she was posting snippets on Twitter I couldn’t help but laugh along and realize, it might be fun to dig into my tween years a bit too.  I have been laughing so hard at some of these old journal entries of mine – of course there is SO much drama in the world when you’re a 13 year old girl.  I mean it is just the worst EVER.  So without further ado, let’s do the Time Warp again and step back into 1995 or so, each Thursday I’ll bring a different post (or posts) to share.  Make sure you stop by Laura’s blog too, she also is sharing some gems.  I should also mention, I’ll either abbreviate or change names to protect the innocent.  Apparently I am still that 13 year old girl and given how public this is, I would prefer to not have a run in with certain people of my past! I decided to go back to this very time of year, so these are all entries from October.


October 2nd, 1995

So here’s the deal. I had decided to let “E” go because he was being a total asshole but um…I lied. Big problem. Only Jennifer knows because she pretty much forced it out of me (hi JL!) I’m telling Sara and Jessica tomorrow (hi Jes!) and that’s it.  I am not telling anyone else unless something comes of it.  I still looooove J too though. A LOT. He is so so so so so so hot. He had a really good hair day on Friday. Ha-ha. I wonder if he likes me? Gotta go. <3 Beth

October 11, 1995

Braces aren’t so bad. Spacers were worse I think. I still love E and J but I’m going to try really hard not to get them right now.  I think I should be open to other possible people too. Cool?  Cool. Bye! <3 Me

October 20, 1995

Hey! Ho! Gotta Go! <3 ya, Beth

October 23, 1995

How’s it going? Good here. I had the day off today. It was pretty boring! I can’t wait to see J and E tomorrow.  And Sara too.  I hope she comes back to school. She had her wisdom teeth out over the weekend.  I hung out with her on Saturday and we watched the Goofy Movie because it’s cute, who cares if it is a cartoon.  Play practice is going well. Well I better go. More stuff tomorrow! Promise! Gotta go. Time for bed. G-night! <3 always Beth


So here’s some funny things to note – I apparently liked to write my journal entries as a letter to myself or someone else?  I have no idea.  I love that I always ask “how’s it going?” and always sign off Love, Beth or Me or whatever.  These are pretty tame entries all things considered!  I am sure I will have more angsty stuff at some point.  I know I have some poetry somewhere to find.  As you can see, boy drama was a big part of my world, typical girl I guess!  Spoiler alert – I never ended up actually dating either the “E” or the “J” mentioned above.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  You’ll just have to tune in to my next Throwback Thursday journal post to find out more! Ah, like sands in the hour glass, these WERE the days of my life!


8 thoughts on “#TBT – Journal Edition

  1. I love it and I can’t wait to read more!!! From what I can tell, we were equally boy crazy which is awesome. I also like that at 13, you feel like you should be too old for cartoons. 🙂 This is so fun!

  2. OMG that’s hilarious!God I both wish we could go back to those days and at the same time would not want to go back if you paid me! Thank you for sharing those gems

    1. I thought you’d appreciate it – and I’m pretty sure you remember those days as well as I do – I wouldn’t go back to them for anything either!

  3. Oh my goodness these were great to read because I could totally see myself in those lines! I think I always wrote to my journals like I was writing to an actual person too. So funny! Loved reading these Beth!

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