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Currently in October (Ollie edition)

It seems like Ollie’s changing by the day lately, so I’m letting him take over the blog once again today so he can tell you all the fun things he’s been doing lately. So without further ado, take it away Ollie!

Heyo!  Ollie here!  It’s always so fun to write on my mommy’s blog.  I’m excited to tell you what is new with me.  That’s one of my new favorite words – excited!  When we go do something fun, mommy and daddy always ask me if I’m excited and I yell “EXCITED” super loud, because it’s just so fun to say. Anyway, here’s what I’m currently doing!

Eating – I want peaches and applesauce ALL THE TIME. But for some reason mommy and daddy say that I can’t just have peaches or applesauce for dinner.  Meanies.  So I humor them and try to eat the other things they offer me too.  Sometimes I like meat, sometimes I don’t. I love going to Brasa with mommy and daddy.  I still love pizza and pasta, just like my grandpa!  Speaking of grandpa, he’s my share pal.  He shares cookies and french fries with me and they are so yummy.  Grandpa is the best.

Exploring – Daddy had the day off the other day and took me to the coolest place ever!  We went to Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store in St. Paul.  They had all these tables with trains on them and it was just my height!  It was so fun, I keep talking about it!  Mommy said maybe we could even have my birthday party there, that would be awe-some!



Wearing – I like to wear anything I can get messy in!  I am a messy eater and I like to play in the leaves and in the water and I just make messes!  So mommy puts me in a lot of things like camo pants.  And now that it’s fall I wear lots of thermal long sleeve shirts.  They’re pretty comfy!



Admiring – Mommy says this means somebody I look up to.  I admire Daniel Tiger.  He always teaches a good lesson.  And there are lots of fun songs on his show!  He’s my favorite!

Collecting – I love my cars and trucks, I get so excited when we go to the store and mommy lets me pick one car or truck to take home!  At Choo Choo Bob’s daddy let me pick one thing to take home too, so I chose a school bus.  I love watching the school busses in the neighborhood, but I didn’t have one to play with.  Now I do! Mommy and daddy keep telling me I have a birthday coming up and so I will get new things then.  I guess I have to be patient!

That’s what is new with me!  Mommy says I keep her and daddy on their toes!  I think that’s silly, though sometimes I like to walk on my toes too. Oh well, that’s all for now, bye bye!

4 thoughts on “Currently in October (Ollie edition)

  1. Ollie I just know that you and Reilly would be the best of friends–he loves pizza, applesauce and cars too! I used to take Kaden and Conner to Barnes and Noble when they were your age and I was in school so they could play with the trains while I did homework. So fun!

    1. It sure sounds like we’d be BFF! I need to ask my mom about this Barnes and Noble thing, I hear they have books and I love books. ~Ollie

  2. Hi Ollie! You are adorable 🙂 I love reading about what you’re up to lately. I’ll have to tell Jona about Choo Choo Bob’s because he would absolutely love it–he’s all about choo choo trains right now. He would also be very excited about that!

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