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Weekend Recap

Been awhile since I’ve posted a weekend recap on the blog.  We are often times very go, go, go on the weekends but this last weekend we actually weren’t – I know, why am I blogging about it right?  But it’s funny, while we slowed down considerably thanks to being taken down by headcolds all around (why is this already starting! Stupid germs!) we actually had a really nice, pleasant weekend.

Friday night was VERY low key.  Ollie was pretty miserable with the cold and we hadn’t slept much the night before.  It took us some time to get him down for bed but once he was down we relaxed with a movie and some take out Mexican food and I have very little complaint about that.

Saturday found Ollie still pretty under the weather, so we got our weekly Caribou and just hung around the house.  Nate finally made our turnip leek soup that I had talked about last week and we had a nice quiet lunch at home.  We got Ollie settled for his nap and then since he seemed to be resting well I kept my plans to meet Jen at the MN Beer Run 5K – but the catch was, we signed up for the No K.  That’s right,  no miles to run at all, just a nice day to sit outside and drink a beer and watch all the other runners.  It wasn’t far from home so I knew if Nate needed me I could be back super fast.  I enjoyed a nice break on a gorgeous day with wonderful company.


When I got home, Ollie had woken up and was in a bit of a better mood, so we decided to be lazy for dinner and hit up our favorite Italian joint.  There’s something about Italian food that’s kind of like comfort food I think.  We had a nice early dinner and got Ollie off to bed again and relaxed with another movie.  Nate started feeling the symptoms of the cold coming on at that point which I figured was inevitable with how much we both had to be wiping Ollie’s nose and such.

Sunday we got up and Ollie was much better, but Nate definitely was in the throes of the first day of the cold, which in my opinion was the worst day.  He said he would be up to walking around Como Zoo though, especially with it being an unbelievably gorgeous day.  We knew the warm fresh air would probably do us all some good.  It was especially beautiful in the Japanese Gardens over in the Conservatory, the leaves were such vibrant reds and oranges!


We grabbed our favorite Brasa for lunch (yep, we eat out a lot when we’re sick, who wants to cook?) and then Ollie napped, Nate vegged with a video game and I caught up on blogging and other social media things.  After that we took a walk in the crazy warm day – over 80 degrees on October 11th? Seriously! Then we had a leftover night for dinner and just continued to veg at home.

Sometimes I think we need to be forced to slow down a little bit. I love being busy and having fun, but I forget that sometimes we seriously need to stop and rest too.  I think this weekend was the perfect balance of some fun, but some much needed downtime.  I think I will be trying to make that more of a habit in the future here too. How was your weekend? Hope you got some good weather like we did wherever you’re reading right now!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I hope you’re all feeling better now! It’s a bummer to be sick, but I do agree that sometimes it’s nice to be forced to take it easy. And that No K sounds like my kind of race! #notarunner

  2. Hi Bethie! I hope the boys are better soon! Your time outside looks like it was much needed and beneficial to you!x
    Hope all is well, I don’t see so much of you since the lovely 2 birds stopped doing their Inspiration Monday- hope all is well.x

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