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And just like that another month gone by and it’s time for Currently with Anne and Jenna again!  How do these months keep going by SO FAST? Oh yeah, leaving an old job and starting a new one will do that I suppose! I was telling Nate the other day that we’re getting into the time of year where life kicks into even higher gear thanks to the upcoming holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthday Season (yes, it’s a season in our household thanks to SO many of them) and Christmas. I just want to savor these moments more and will have to find some way to slow it all down.  I will have more thoughts on that later.  For now, here is what I’m currently up to!

–Currently I Am–

Eating – CSA season is wrapping up at our house, we’ll be getting boxes through the end of the month and then that’s pretty much it for the year. Nate is making of my favorite recipes with our CSA goodies tonight – Turnip Leek Soup.  It’s surprisingly low carb and low calorie, something we learned when I was pregnant with Ollie and dealing with GD.  This recipe is SO good though and there is just something about soup in the Fall!  Other than that I’m eating all the apple and pumpkin goodies I can get my hands on.  I love this time of year!

Exploring – We have not been doing much of that lately!  I have some ideas of some things I would like to check out soon though.  I think this year might be fun to take Ollie to a pumpkin patch.  I’d like to check out the new Pop Up Children’s Museum at the Mall of America.  Because the MN Children’s Museum is going through some renovation, they decided to open a satellite museum down at the MOA, I think it would be fun to take Ollie there and maybe hit up the Sea Life Aquarium too.  Good options as the weather gets colder for sure!

Wearing – I’m figuring out the wardrobe situation for the new job and will have an entire post on this very topic this Friday, but for now I thought I’d share an example of what I’ve been wearing lately.  It’s been kind of a pair of casual pants and a nice shirt or sweater for the most part.


Admiring – This last week I learned of two things about individuals who were a significant part of my history and I respect and admire each of them.  The first – the president of my college is stepping down after 16 years, she said she wants to do one more thing with her professional life before retirement and I understand and respect that a great deal.  She has been an inspiration to me for years and I believe whatever it is she will do next is important work.  The second – I learned from my first week at work that my sweet 4th grade teacher, who has been retired for years, worked as a seasonal employee this summer for the city doing things like tending to parks and cutting grass and things of that nature.  He lost his wife earlier this year and just needed something to fill his time.  From what I’m told he worked every bit as hard as the high school and college kids doing the same work and of course, charmed every single person on staff.  He’ll be snow birding in Florida soon, but I hope he comes back next year.

Collecting – I’m honestly trying to downsize the things I have these days so I’m not collecting much! I would say I’m collecting things to decorate my new office space if anything.  And Nate and I like to collect beer glasses from the various taprooms we visit.

That’s about where we’re at.  I’m also currently enjoying my first headcold of the Fall season, lucky me, so I’m pretty much in a fog, but coffee helps a ton!  Be sure to check out Anne and Jenna’s blogs for other Currently posts or to add your own!

5 thoughts on “Currently in October

  1. Oh boy how I can relate to starting a new job and being busy and the holidays coming! Aaaaaaaa!!! LOL It’s all good things though. I love (as I said on IG) this outfit!

  2. Time slowed down for me — work weeks are long right now! But I can see why your time is speeding by!
    I always love hearing that someone I have a connection to is doing wonderful things. Gives me the warm fuzzies!

  3. Oh no Beth, I hope you feel better soon! The turnip leek soup sounds good–soups are sounding so good right now with the cooler weather. I’d like to do more exploring of children’s activities/museums in my area too.

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