Oktoberfest Celebration

If you’re a newer reader to the blog, you might not know that Nate and I are home brewers. Well ok, Nate is a home brewer, I just help out and give him ideas.  We’ve been brewing for seven years now and for each of those seven years we have had a yearly tradition of throwing an annual Oktoberfest party.  Each year it’s grown and has become a wonderful celebration where old friends, new friends, family and even co-workers of ours come together and enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Saturday was our annual event for this year and it did not disappoint!

Here’s a picture of Nate’s pride and joy – his bar.  He built this with the help of my dad and a friend of his and it’s definitely something he should be proud of.  We have seven taps available and this year’s lineup included the following: Session Pale Ale, Fresh Hop IPA, Wild Rice Brown Ale (aka Beth’s personal favorite), Breakfast Stout, Apeflvein (seasonal favorite, it’s a cider type drink), Peach Wheat and Tart Cherry Lambic.  Most all of these Nate brewed as what’s known as all-grain, versus an extract kit.  I like to tell people that all-grain is brewed as if you baked a cake from scratch and extract is like using a box mix.


In addition to the beers, we make hot dogs in the style of one of our favorite hot dog food carts in town and we have tons of toppings for everyone.  Beyond that, everyone is very generous and bring lots of food to share, no one went hungry, that’s for sure!  It was a beautiful Fall day, so we set up seating outside and as the sun went down started a bonfire.  We keep it family friendly, especially since we have a child, so plenty of folks brought their kids and they were all different ages, but played together nicely.  Ollie loved hanging out with the big kids and they were all so sweet to him.  It was adorable.


It always warms my heart to see so many people come out and support us, friends we don’t get to see as often as we’d like, family by blood and family by choice, folks in different stages of life, of different religious/political backgrounds, all under one roof just having a good time.  I always feel so uplifted and happy after we host this event!  It’s our one big party for the year.  Last year we did host a big birthday party for Ollie at our house, but this year I think I’ve learned a bit and I think we’ll be looking for an external venue for that event!  I’m already looking forward to next year!

8 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Celebration

  1. Looks like it was a great time! And lesson learned: don’t be fooled by home improvement projects. They never take “just a couple of hours” 🙂

  2. Peach beer? Um… you can ship that across the border, right? I love the concept of throwing a large party like that, but it exhausts me when I think of the logistics. Good on you for loving it!

  3. This sounds like such an awesome event Beth! I wish I lived closer to you–I want to try those beers! Especially the peach… I’m a sucker for a fruity brew 🙂 So impressed with the selection–7 taps!!

  4. I am so bummed I missed this! Next year for sure! I didn’t know you guys brewed that many types of ale and even a cider! It looks like it was a good time.

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