One week down

Well I survived my first week at my new job!  It’s too soon to say I love it or don’t love it – but I think I can safely say we’re well into the courting stage that I think is going to lead to love.  The pace is different and maybe even slightly better than my old job.  I have met a ton of nice people.  I have a great office space that I am free to set up and decorate anyway I want.  The dress code is a lot more relaxed – I will actually have some thoughts on this in an upcoming post next week.

I won’t say I didn’t have a moment or two where I wanted to run back to my other building and bang on the door and beg to just be the “Badge Lady” again, but I think it’s normal to have those thoughts in your first few days.  One of my new co-workers actually put it best saying “it honestly can take up to three years before you can truly know and understand everything about your job.” I think that’s really a good point.

I think the biggest thing that I appreciate is that I feel like the work I’m doing is contributing to the community in a small way.  It feels good to be a part of something like that.

So, that’s where we’re at.  I’m figuring out new schedules and all that jazz too and I think I’m getting a rhythm. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “One week down

  1. You made it your first week!! Yay!! That’s half the battle. You will continue to get more comfortable as time goes on. Glad to hear the first week went well – love you and miss you! 😘

  2. Our work year has three four month cycles, but even with that, it took a year to actually encounter all the major parts of my job. I fear it may take a year, again, to adjust to being back. But, each day gets a little better. You will do wonderfully!

  3. Congrats on the first week. I transitioned to a new job in July and felt similar to you. I think things like this definitely take time, and you have to have patience.

    Excited to hear how things evolve for you!

  4. Those first few weeks at any new job are tough, I think it’s totally normal to want to return to what’s comfortable, what you know. BUT, you know you’re much better off here and I’m sure you’ll get more and more comfortable as each week passes. 🙂

  5. I’m so glad things are going well so far and that you feel like you’re making a contribution to your community. That’s a big deal! This gives me hope too, because I would like to feel like that about a job, and I don’t really with this one.

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