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Hello!  Today is the first day all week I’ve written a post on the actual day I’m planning to post it.  You’ve currently been enjoying some pre-scheduled posts that I wrote because I’ve been busily training my replacement at my old job.  I have a little break in that action this morning, so I wanted to get a little update out regarding some bloggy business.

I have been thinking about how I am going to manage the blog moving forward.  It is SO important to me to keep it going, this is my creative outlet and it has lead to so many wonderful connections, friendships and opportunties, so I know I can’t give it up all together.  I have decided that what might work best for me is to follow the lead of some of my favorite bloggers – two birds and Shea Lennon specifically – and move into a three day a week posting schedule instead of four.  I was feeling the pull to go to three days when I scaled back to four originally, but thought, oh I’ll make this work.  I think three is going to be much more manageable.  If I need to share something on a “non-posting” day, I still will, otherwise I think I’m going to move to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday type schedule.

This leads me to another difficult decision.  Due to my scaled back posting and the fact that I’m going to be really re-defining my wardrobe in my new job, I am going to be taking a hiatus from Thrift Style Thursday for awhile.  This doesn’t mean I’m not still a thrifter or that I won’t share thrifted posts from time to time – they’re some of my most popular posts in fact.  But it does mean I’m not going to be posting on Thursdays with the group and following the themes for right now.  I may change my mind after I’m settled into the new job for a bit and I know the wonderful ladies in Thrift Style Thursday will welcome me back with open arms if that is the case, but for now this is what is going to be best for me.  I encourage all of you to keep following all of them – they are wonderful people!

On the technical side of things, I have had some inquires about either a newsletter or a way to get an email when I do post so you don’t miss out on posts.  I hadn’t considered this before, but now that it’s been asked, I am going to get Webmaster Nate working on that for me. I certainly appreciate those of you who want to be able to keep up with me!  I am also continuing to tweak the commenting system – I seriously miss having Disqus on the blog, I think that is the best way for me to engage in dialogue with each of you when you comment, but the formatting hasn’t been working so great on the new site, so I need to keep working on it.  I want you to know I do read every single comment and have been trying to respond – I just know you aren’t necessarily notified if I do, so this is my public “thanks for saying nice things” response.  In the meantime, if you are asking me a question in a comment, please leave your email address and I promise to respond.

So that’s where we’re at.  While I’m excited for the changes in my life, I just know I’ll be stressed and crazed if I don’t try to balance other things as well, so these changes are necessary for the blog.  I appreciate your continued support and patience as I figure these things out! Thank you for being here!

13 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. <3 <3 <3 Excellent decisions. You need to do what works for you! You'll get into a new groove soon, but it will take a lot of patients! #BeenThereDoneThatBoughtTheTShirt 😉 You got this!

    1. Thanks! I think I’ll be doing something similar, writing many of my posts on Sundays. I did that this weekend and was able to write three posts, so I think that means I’m on to something!

  2. Fall always feels like such a crazy time of year and adding a new job on top of that is surely stressful and time consuming. You need to do what works for you and just know we will always be here to read! xoxo.

  3. Thanks for the update Beth! I’m thinking of you as you transition from your old job to the new one. Thanks for mentioning me and I’m glad you like the 3-days/week posting schedule. It’s working for me so far, so I hope it works for you! I hope to still see some style posts even if they’re not necessarily “thrift style”–I always love seeing your style!

  4. Hey Beth! I think that you have a good plan for the blog! Plus, you are pretty active on instagram, so I still get to creep on you! Hehehe. Thanks for your sweet words on my last few posts, it means a lot. :3 I hope all is well!

  5. The benefit of 3x weekly postings is that when I get a day behind, and have something to comment, I’m not posting on something that’s “so yesterday!”
    My goal is to get UP to 3x a week. Work is exhausting, colds are exhausting and blogging is often the thing that has to go for me. Good decision on trying to find a balance!

  6. Have you always responded? I know I’ve tried to subscribe to comments. I just feel like I don’t remember responses. I’m a hit or miss commenter so it’s been awhile.

      1. I sign up to subscribe too but I never get an email. Even from other commenters that don’t use disqus or built in blogger comments. I always subscribe but those 2 seem to be the only ones I actually get anything. some of the word press things send me an email to confirm my subscription but still nothing. it’s rather annoying!

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