It was the best of times…

It was the worst of times.  Ok I kid.  But our Labor Day weekend was a little up and down this year.  We made the most of it even with some less than ideal moments.

Friday was pretty low key, we took Ollie to the park even though it was crazy hot outside, put him to bed and made ourselves some nachos at home while we watched a movie.

Saturday we decided that even though it was going to be pretty warm, we would go on an adventure and check out a winery.  Nate had made some fresh potato salad with our CSA veggies and we picked up some fried chicken and a few other picnic fixings and headed down to Alexis Bailey Vineyard in Hastings, MN (about 45 minutes from our home) to have a little picnic in the vineyard.  I had been there a few years back with some friends, but Nate was ill that day and unable to join us.  I have always wanted to get back there with him, especially when they have some of the most award winning wine in Minnesota.  We had a lot of fun, Ollie was a little crazy when we got there but they had a dog and he had fun chasing him around!


It’s gorgeous there, they have a lovely bocce ball court, sculptures, and of course, grapes growing everywhere.  I could have spent the whole day, while it was warm, it was fantastic in the shade!  After we’d had our fill of picnic food and vino, we packed up to head home and assumed Ollie would nap in the car. He did, which was wonderful, but he woke up about a block from home and therefore, that was it for his nap that day – oops.

Saturday night we had plans to meet up with the lovely Jen of Wonderfully Unkempt and her adorable family at the Edina Grille.  We thought it would be fun to get our little families together – but all kids were in rare form that night, God bless our waitress!  It was still great to see them and I look forward to hopefully forcing friendship socializing our children again in the future!  Thankfully, there was beer!

Sunday we slept in a little bit, then Nate decided to brew his final batch of beer for our annual Oktoberfest and Ollie and I headed out to one of our apple orchards with my parents for a little bit.  He had fun running around there with his Grandpa!  I am excited to hit up another apple orchard with both Nate and Ollie in a couple of weeks where we can pick our own apples and where there are a lot of activities for kids.  Sunday afternoon Ollie decided to gift us with a three hour nap – in fact, he didn’t want to wake up from said nap and ended up sleeping on me for about a half hour.  This never happens anymore and sure, there were a million things I could have and should have been doing, but I know what  a gift that was, so I just enjoyed the snuggles.


Sunday night was the next disaster though.  We had dinner over at Nate’s parents as we do often on Sundays, but this week we decided, oh we don’t have to get up tomorrow, let’s put Ollie to bed and stay to play cards.  It sounded like a good idea in theory, but Mr. Oliver had other ideas.  He. Would. Not. Go. To. Bed.  We gave it a good hour before we just called it to head home.  We thought maybe he just needed his own bed.  Nope.  Another hour went by and this little guy was testing every limit possible.  Now in all fairness, he has a headcold, still working on his molars and I think has been in a growth spurt, but he’s also a headstrong toddler and it was a perfect storm of crazy.  Once he finally crashed, so did we!

Monday we all slept in and woke up in much better moods.  We treated it like a Sunday, we went and got treats from Caribou Coffee, we went and played disc golf and we had a little late brunch/early lunch out and even sat outside since it was a beautiful day.  We made plans for Nate to mow the lawn and me to bake a pie while Ollie took an afternoon nap.  But again, our little imprudent Oliver had other ideas and nap never happened.  Yes, you heard me.  Nap Never Happened. Pie also never happened, but that wasn’t entirely Ollie’s fault.  Anyway, I already told you about the nightmare of Sunday night right?  This kid was TIRED.  My aunt was having a picnic because another of my aunts was in town, but I just knew there was no way we could make that happen with his mood, so after streaming a few Daniel Tiger episodes we decided to be uber lazy and grab dinner out as well.  It was so delicious though (Donatelli’s for you locals) that I’m not even sorry!  We stopped at the park to let him burn off whatever energy he actually had at that point (pretty sure he was running on fumes and nothing else) and then we did our normal nighttime routine, he had his bath, story and was in bed and sleeping by 8:00.  Big happy sigh.


So it was just a bit of an up and down weekend and really, the down things weren’t terrible, just frustrating if anything else.  It just means that life with a toddler is anything but predictable and I think it was a good reminder and a good lesson to be flexible and prepared for anything.  We still had some fun and I still came back to work somewhat refreshed, so I can’t complain too hard!  How was your long weekend?

6 thoughts on “It was the best of times…

  1. I'm glad that the good times outweighed the bad–lots of fun highlights! But man oh man do I hear you on the stubborn toddler episodes. Jona has been such a stinker lately–this morning I was late to work because he simply would NOT let me get him dressed. I've said it before, but good thing these boys are so cute!!

  2. Those are tough weekends, but it sounds like you made the best of it! Kids…why are they so anti-sleep sometimes?! One day they'll realize the error of their ways… 😉

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