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Thrift Style Thursday – Menswear/Geometric

Oh you guys. I am SO phoning it in on this week’s Thrift Style Thursday. I did my best, but it was a crazy week. Our theme was chosen by Brittany of the B Life (who just got engaged, congrats!) and it’s Menswear – either a menswear inspired look or she challenged us to thrift for the men in our lives and take pictures of them. Nate would happily wear anything I thrift for him if I had the time to do it, but sadly I just did not, so I went with a kind of menswear inspired look for myself – but it’s hot and well, here, I did the best I could!


I always think of a blazer as being kind of inspired by menswear, because so many men’s looks involve sportcoats or suit jackets. This fun bright orange one that I thrifted last summer may not scream something a man would wear, but I still thought it was kind of in the spirit! I also added this not thrifted geometric dress from Target – I missed last week’s TST of geometric patterns, so I figured I’d make up for it this week even if this item wasn’t thrifted. It was super on sale when I bought it, so that almost counts right?


Dress – Target, Blazer – Sweet Child (thrifted)

Necklace – Origami Owl, Sandals – Consignment


And hey, while I may not have had the time to thrift for Nate, I do have one man in my life I thrift for quite often:


He’s rocking some thrifted plaid shorts here and I think he’s pretty darn styling! Thrifting and consignment is so the way to go with a growing child!

Be sure to check out the other Thrift Style Thursday gals at their blogs below and see if they were able to style any of the men in their lives – or at least put a better menswear inspired look together than me! See you all next week, have a great weekend!

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  1. Menswear or not, I love your look Beth–that orange blazer is so fun! That's something I have on my (seemingly neverending) wishlist for fall, a bright blazer.

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