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Well hello September!  How did you get here so fast?  It’s time for the monthly Currently link up with Anne of In Residence and Jenna from Gold and Bloom!  Here are some things currently going on in my world!

–Currently I am–

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Reading – I needed some pure fluff, I’ve read a couple of heavier things this summer, so I’m reading a pretty old book called The Boy Next Door – it’s all told via emails sent between friends and co-workers and it’s quite hilarious.  It reads like a rom-com type movie honestly and I pretty much already know how it’s going to end, but it’s just fun to read something super mindless!

Making – Homemade cornbread!  We have had a ton of corn from our CSA this summer and we’ve been grilling it a lot and eating it, but every time we make it we’ve been cooking up extra and saving it so I have lots of fresh corn to add to my cornbread.  Nate’s going to make up some chili tomorrow (yes, even with as hot as it is here in MN – crockpot for the win!) and I’ll bake up a batch of deliciousness to have on the side!

Pinning – Tons of fall outfit ideas.  I am LOVING the fact that plaid will be back in style this year, plaid is my all time favorite! How cute is that look from Stitch Fix?  I might need to seek out some black booties too, I have yet to find a pair I actually like, but maybe this year is the year!

Anticipating – So many things.  I still can’t share more about some things going on in my personal world, but hopefully soon.  Other things I’m anticipating though are everything about Fall.  I have loved our summer and I thought I’d be sad to see it go, but I truly am ready for Fall activities and fun – the thing I’m the most excited about is taking Oliver to the apple orchard and doing the pick your own apples with him and enjoying all the activities they have there.

Loving – My new Origami Owl locket.  I have wanted one of these for a very long time and one of my friends hosted an online party so I finally bought one.  I chose charms that mean something to me – a little boy to represent Ollie, a set of puzzle pieces that say “You+Me” to represent Nate and I, a little bottle of beer that also represents Nate and I, a music note for myself and then Nate and my birthstone and Ollie’s birthstone.  I may have to add a paw print for the kitties at some point too now that I know how much room I have.  It’s so special to me because it’s so personalized and I just love that!

So there you go!  Lots going on for sure, I think September is going to be a fun and exciting month! What are you currently up to?  And be sure to visit Anne and Jenna’s blogs to read other Currently posts or to add your own!

13 thoughts on “Currently in September

  1. Personally I LOVE fall – it's my favorite season. Bring on the cooler weather, apples, bon fires, cuddling with a blanket and all of that good stuff. I still really love your necklace!

  2. I am crossing all of my appendages for you in your future!!!! Homemade cornbread is amazing–I started making it right after Reilly's first birthday. Mmmmmm! Also still loving your owl necklace too. It is so pretty and such a neat idea!

  3. Ooh that cornbread sounds so good with fresh corn in it! I LOVE cornbread but usually just make the Jiffy box 🙂 I've been pinning fall looks like crazy too, even though it's been really hot here this week!

  4. I like books that read like that when I'm in the mood for some fluff – have you read Rainbow Rowell's Attachments? Sounds kind of similar and I thought it was a really fun read.

  5. I love that Owl locket. It's so nice when something so pretty also can be filled with meaning. I may have to check out that Boy Next Door book. I too like to balance out serious topic books with some nice fluff. You've reminded me that I need to look up apple orchards around here

  6. I love plaid too. I saw a super cute plaid shirt at Target yesterday but couldn't bring myself to buy it just yet.

    I have acharm racelet my husband started and gave to me on our wedding day. I add to it at every milestone in our lives. It's like a wearable memory book. Last Christmas we started my 10 year old daughter one too.

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