Another weekend, another beer festival.  Ok, I kid.  But Nate and I went to a beer festival this last weekend.  We decided to skip the Autumn Brew Review this year in favor of instead going to our first ever SurlyFest held at the Surly Brewing Company main taproom in Minneapolis – which is basically their […]


Some Updates

Hello!  Today is the first day all week I’ve written a post on the actual day I’m planning to post it.  You’ve currently been enjoying some pre-scheduled posts that I wrote because I’ve been busily training my replacement at my old job.  I have a little break in that action this morning, so I wanted […]



I’ve been writing vague posts all summer about bridges to cross and paths to decide on which to follow and all these crazy “life is changing” type things, but I haven’t really been able to say what’s been going on and I’m sure it’s been making you all go “this is SO annoying, unfollow!”  But […]