Day Date at Betty Danger’s

Nate and I took this past Friday off to attend the Social Media Breakfast together (it was about beer this month, how could we not go?) and since we had Oliver go to my mom for the day as normal, we decided to take the rest of the day as a “date day” and finally go cross off one of my summer bucket list items, visiting Betty Danger’s Country Club in Northeast Minneapolis.

If you’re not local to Minnesota, we have another fun themed restaurant in Minneapolis called Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge.  It started out in an old A&W and was just a kitchy, fun tiki bar.  They started getting bigger and more popular and ended up moving into a larger location down the road that allowed them to have a huge patio right on the Mississippi River.  The owner kept her old site though and decided to finally develop it into something else.  She created Betty Danger’s Country Club and basically said it’s a “Country club for the anti-country club crowd.”  The food is Tex-Mex themed and the house specialty drinks are all margaritas.  The highlight of the whole place is a large Ferris Wheel called “The Danger” where you can purchase a ticket for a twenty minute ride and can also bring a drink and a snack.

We started out on the Danger.  It was a perfect time of day to go, the lunch rush was over and the Happy Hour crowd hadn’t made it in yet.  We ordered the House margarita and some chips and queso dip and climbed on board.  It was a hot day, but up on the top of the Ferris Wheel it wasn’t too bad, you got a lot of the breeze.


I started out across from Nate, but then decided to move over next to him so we could have the full “date” experience.  The view from the top is great, but I wasn’t facing the city real well so you get a partial skyline view from me!




The ride does go by pretty fast unfortunately.  We decided to stop inside and have another drink before we left, the House margarita is pretty small and not terribly strong (not that they really need to be, it was still tasty and refreshing on a hot day!).  I ordered a Prickly Pear and we sat at the bar and just took in the scenery and people watched a bit.  The entire restaurant is really quite cute, I really like how the decor and everything turned out.



One half is more “restaurant” style and reminds me of a lounge and had kind of a “polo” theme to it where the other half is more like a tea room or something and opens up onto the patio.  The bar faces either side.


Apparently you can actually become a member of this non-country club like you would a real one and we talked with the bartender about it for awhile – the lower level actually isn’t bad and would get you some pretty decent perks.  I will say this is my kind of country club!  They also have mini-golf but we weren’t able to take advantage of that since that portion isn’t open until evening.  Overall it was a really fun date day, I’d love to return in the evening sometime so we can see it all lit up at night!  If you’re local I highly recommend checking out either for a date or a girls night!

8 thoughts on “Day Date at Betty Danger’s

  1. Looks like you had a great time! I can't wait to get over there! Maybe the 4 of us will have to venture over there one day or night. 🙂

  2. Fun! I used to work at Psycho Suzi's back when it was in the Betty Danger's location, but I have never been to Betty Danger's. I wanted to check it out while we were in town but never had the chance. Sounds like an awesome date day!

  3. It would make a fun ladies night I think! And I'm glad you got to meet him too, I'm glad I got him to come out with me for that event!

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