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Stitch Fix August Box

Ok first of all – I sort of bombed my “Blog Every Day in August” challenge.  Life happens on the weekends and I’m not making excuses, but it just didn’t happen this weekend, so I have bowed out of the challenge.  I will have more thoughts on this and balance and all that jazz later this week, but my apologies to the other Lifestyle Tribe bloggers for backing out.  Now on to my regular schedule programming.

It’s Stitch Fix review time again!  I received a box this last Thursday, I don’t recall if this is my fifth or sixth box now.  As always my sweet stylist Amanda did a great job of accommodating my requests and checking my Pinterest boards for ideas.  Here is what she sent and what I kept!

Skies Are Blue Egret 3/4 Embroidery Top:

AugStitch3I love that there seems to be a bit of a seventies/boho revival going in trends right now.  I had requested some tops that would transition well to Fall and I think this one definitely fits the bill.  It’s something I can easily wear with shorts or a skirt right now and can wear with jeans or pants this fall.  I l love colors and it’s unlike anything else in my closet.  KEPT.

41 Hawthorn Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse:

AugStitch5Again, this was sent because I wanted some tops to transition to Fall but as soon as I pulled this out of the box I was pretty sure I knew I wasn’t keeping it.  It is just not my style, it looked and felt boxy as soon as I put it on and it’s SO long.  I did try tucking it in which you’ll see in the next picture so I can show off the skirt more, but in the end this just didn’t feel like something I’d enjoy wearing at all. RETURN

Renee C Kira Printed Maxi Skirt:

AugStitch4I asked for a maxi skirt because they’re great for summer and transition well to Fall.  Amanda did not disappoint, she found me an outstanding maxi skirt!  I love the colors and patterns on this one.  She suggested wearing it with the Hawthorn blouse, so I did and while I do think the blouse looks better tucked in, it wasn’t enough to convince me to keep it.  But I absolutely love the skirt, I know I have other items in my closet that will work with it, so it was definitely a win. KEPT

Pixley Indianan Graphic Print Mixed Material Tee:

AugStitch1 AugStitch2This was a tough choice for me – I loved the look of this shirt on me, I love the neat pattern on the back, it is super unique and reminds me of a maternity shirt I loved when I was pregnant actually.  But I decided not to keep this one as it’s almost too similar to a shirt I kept from one of my fixes this spring.  RETURN

Zad Kylen Multi-Layer Beaded Necklace

AugStitch6I don’t often ask for jewelry in my fixes because the few times I have received any I’ve been kind of disappointed.  I had seen a pink beaded necklace on someone else’s review though so decided to request it.  Unfortunately that one was no longer available, so Amanda picked a different one for me.  And I really like it a lot, it’s totally my style and would go with a number of things I own – but that’s the problem, it’s so my style that I already have a couple of pieces just like it, so I decided to send it back in the spirit of not having too many of the same thing! RETURN

So overall the box was a hit, there was only one true miss.  I really do love doing periodic Stitch Fix boxes, I feel like it gets me out of my style rut every now and then and pushes me to try things I might not have otherwise.  I scheduled another one for September and then may take a break into the winter for a bit, we’ll see what she sends next time!

What do you think?  Did I choose wisely this month?




8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix August Box

  1. The top you didn't like it exactly the kind of top I wear all the time. I am trying to break out of my all solids all the time rut, so I would have been all about the maxi skirt!

  2. Wow this box did have lots of goodies in it! I adore that first top and the maxi skirt and that necklace! I would never be able to blog everyday I don't think. As it sits, I only actually blog on Sunday. I write five posts for the week and am done with it because I just get way too busy and overloaded.

  3. I love seeing what you got Beth, and I think you made great choices–that boho style top and the maxi skirt are both great pieces! I got that same 3/4 sleeve popover top in my fix (on my blog Thursday) but in white, and I didn't like how long it was either. Why was it so long? Weird. 🙂

  4. I absolutely adore the two things you kept! I'm in love with the 70s revival and those both perfectly fit that trend. Plus as you said they're going to be wonderful moving into fall.

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