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Favorite link up of the month alert!  Time for Currently with Anne of In Residence and Jenna from Gold and Bloom!  I love these monthly check-ins!  Here are some current happenings in my world for this month.

  –Currently I am–

Creating – I spent pretty much all of July creating and working on this here new bloggy blog.  I think I’m done with creating things for awhile!  My creative brain needs a break!

Wishlisting – I pretty much want the entire new Thirty-One catalog for Fall/Winter. No I do not sell it, but my good friend Jen does and so does another good friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin, so I’m getting lots of preview pictures and let me tell you, they have stepped up their purse game big time.  They also have jewelry now.  And they now have chalk board storage bins.  I want it all.  I’m also wish listing a couple of items for Fall/winter.  I think I need to replace my denim shirt.  I pulled it out of my closet the other day and I realized it was a large.  I’m not really wearing larges these days!  And finally the biggest item on my wish list right now?  An iPhone upgrade!  Last week my phone got wet and I thought it was done for, but we pulled it through.  I’m waiting for October because while the newest release will be expensive, I’ll be able to get the iPhone 6 for much cheaper at that time and it will be a huge step up from my ancient 4s!


My new favorite bag – Fashion Week from Jewell by Thirty-One

Hoping – That my poor Ollie gets his last teeth soon.  Somehow we’re lucky enough for him to already be starting the two year molars and they’ve been brutal.  Sleep hasn’t been great at our house the last few days.  Darn my little overachiever.  But once these are in, that’s it.  That’s all she wrote.  I think I’ll be writing a post on surviving teething, I feel like I’ve survived a war in some ways!

mom:ollieWe still get smiles though!

Eating – ALL the veggies.  We made enchiladas last night with at least half of our CSA veggies.  Tonight we’ll be having a salad.  We’ll soon be making a bolognese sauce with some of the tomatoes and veggies we have.  It’ll stew in the crockpot all day and then we’ll pour it over pasta.  YUM. And we’re pretty much trying to eat a tomato every day because OMG do we have tomatoes.  We are going to have to take up canning, no joke. We’ve been eating a lot of BLT’s on the weekends.  Good thing I love bacon!



Watching – Wet Hot American Summer!!  I am loving what they’ve done with the series so far, it’s stayed pretty true to the movie and with the exception of a few (cough…Coop…cough) characters, they almost look the same!  I love that we’re getting a backstory on some of the characters as well and I think they’ve been pretty clever about the introduction of new characters.  It’s pure fluff and it’s totally fun.  We need that kind of mindless TV sometimes!

So there you have it!  Be sure to check out Anne and Jenna’s blogs for other Currently posts!

14 thoughts on “Currently in August

  1. I have a TON of green tomatoes on my plant, but no red ones yet! We also started watching Wet Hot American Summer – we love it so far!

  2. GAH! I love veggies so much! And your mere mention of enchiladas is making me so hungry! I hope little Ollie feels better soon! Reilly still only has 4 teeth! But a 5th is sprouting so I am literally feeling your pain. Poor guys!

  3. Oh poor Ollie, but that's good that he's ahead of the teething game so he'll be done sooner too! Don't you feel like it's never ending? Jona hasn't gotten his 2 year molars (he's always been a little behind on teeth coming in) but he's been getting his "stomach" and "eye" teeth (no clue why they're called that) in and it's taken FOREVER. Teething…gah!!!

  4. I figured I was the only one with a 4S waiting for a cheaper 6! Seriously, are we the same person in two different bodies? (No, I'm complaining about my daughter getting her lower lateral teeth 🙂

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