Nope, I’m not talking about binging and purging – I’m talking about binge watching TV. It’s funny, I used to be the kind of person that totally arranged my schedule to be home and able to watch my favorite shows when they actually aired.  And before we had all the internet streaming and TiVo type options, I used to be that person who would record on a videotape (remember those contraptions called VCRs?) my shows if I wasn’t home so I could watch them as soon as I was able and could stay current.

Over the years though we’ve found our TV habits have changed significantly.  First of all, we don’t really watch quite as much TV as we used to. Then, thanks to Amazon Streaming and Netflix, we’ve been finding what works for us is kind of binge watching a show from beginning to end.  This has really been helpful with more of the hour long drama type shows we like to watch.  If we get ourselves too involved in multiple long shows at a time we find eventually we just give up on watching the show at all.  If we binge watch it however, we actually complete a season much faster.  When I say that we binge watch, I also don’t mean we sit and do nothing but watch the show for hours on end.  I just mean that we choose a single show to watch at a time.  We finished Orange is the New Black Season Three ten times faster because we just focused on that.  Now we’re making our way through Season Two of Six Feet Under.  When we finish that season we might move on to another show for a bit, but our rule is we’re just going to try to finish an entire season of something before moving on to something else.

The half hour comedies are easier to go through quickly so we do watch more than one of those at a time, but even with those, we try to watch a season from beginning to end.  Right now we’re going through Hot Wet American Summer on Netflix and we’ve been re-watching the show Scrubs.

So, overall we’re finding we are much more likely to finish a series if we actually try to watch the season from beginning to end and I have found I’m much less tied to what show is on what night of the week.  It has been pretty freeing for us and I can honestly say I don’t even know the last time I watched regular TV – I couldn’t even tell you what the current commercials are these days!

Do you ever binge watch a show?

6 thoughts on “Binging

  1. Omg. Binge watching is my favorite. We are in the middle of Mad Men & it's all I can think about! I haven't gotten into OITNB, yet, but I'm sure I will soon! 🙂

  2. I know what you mean. We still DVR so many shows, but once we record them, we try and watch them right away. Although we still need to watch Modern Family from last season!

  3. I have never been a really big TV person. In fact, before Patrick came along, I didn't have TV or even Netflix. But now I enjoy Netflix with Patrick. We ironically just started Season 3 of OITNB last night. We still have seasons 6 and 7 of SOA but we are terrified to watch it because it is so intense!

  4. I've definitely done that before–I watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls when I was pregnant with Jona. Lately I just haven't gotten into any tv shows, I'm not sure why.

  5. Your experience in viewing reflects a large trend in the way we watch TV. Interesting to see people I know changing their habits, the same way I have. It's why I've invested a lot of money in Netflix!

  6. We still binge watch Archer and Supernatural when we have time. Though we have been watching more movies lately than anything else!

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