Tomato Explosion

If you’ve been following me since this spring at least, you may remember that Nate and I planted our own tomato seeds to grow this summer.  Nate set up a little grow house in our basement to start them while it was still cold outside and then we transplanted them when the weather was ready.  We didn’t know if this would work well for us or not, but figured, we’ll take a chance on it and see how it goes.  We do get some tomatoes from our CSA each year, but it never was enough (especially when Ollie is the Tomato version of Cookie Monster).  So, in case you forgot or are new here, this is what we started with back in March:



And this is what they look like now:


They’re basically taking over the side of our house.  It’s kind of crazy.  These plants are hearty – they’ve survived two hailstorms. We’ve already been picking some of the ripe tomatoes and they’re quite delicious!  It has involved some work in maintaining them, but overall we couldn’t be more pleased with this experiment.  We’ll be enjoying tomatoes just about every day from here until God knows when.  We have plants to make some large amounts of spaghetti sauce, chili and enchilada mixtures to freeze for winter though, so I think we’ll put these to good use!  Tonight they’re going on a pizza, yesterday they were on a BLT.  Hopefully we won’t grow sick of them!

Have you ever started vegetable plants from seed?


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