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To help with the launch of my new blog and to also try to exercise my writing skills a bit, I’m joining up with some other lifestyle bloggers in a Facebook group I’m part of to do a “Blog every day in August” challenge.  There is no specific theme involved, I’m just going to try to post something each day – so that means there will be posts on the weekends too, which is often a time I don’t blog much.  I’ve done a blog every day challenge before, years ago I did the NaBloPoMo in November.  So this will be much like that for me.  I hope to keep it interesting around here and not just noise to make noise!

Here are some of the other bloggers who will be doing the Blog Every Day in August challenge as well – be sure to give them some love!


Ashley | BethBrittney | Hannah | Karen | Michelle | Shelby

I do want to thank everyone for the warm reception to my new site.  I’m pretty pumped about how it’s turned out and I really look forward to what’s to come with this new adventure.

One more thing worth mentioning, today also starts the Soak Up the Summer Instagram challenge that I am hosting with Shea of Shea Lennon.  I hope you’ll join us over there with the hashtag #SoakUpSummer!


I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!!

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